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Cool families who don’t seem to know what boredom is

A family is considered to be something calm and reliable. But sometimes, we can’t believe the things that happen in our families, like someone who knits sweaters for a snake or someone who takes too much care of their child. It’s important that at moments like these, someone near you has a camera to capture the entire moment.

We’re sure that family life is not only about love and warmth but also about taking a whole bunch of photos you can’t keep a straight face while looking at. We tried and failed.

Husband and in-laws wanted a family photo while this woman was in labor and having contractions

family photo

Sister-in-law on Halloween be like step mother and sisters from Cinderella


Grandparents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. There was a man in a cowboy hat and nobody remembers who it was


Mother-in-law knitted our pet snake a Christmas sweater

Christmas sweater

Dad just realized something about this son


Just trying to take a nice family photo at dinner


Family photo

Tech Family photo

Awkward family photo recreation


This is the family’s dinner tonight

dinner tonight

Father who recreates his daughter’s selfies


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