Corey Harrison Net Worth, Wife, Height, Weight Loss In 2021

Corey Harrison Biography

Corey Harrison
Born: April 1983, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Net worth: $2,800,000
Spouse: Charlene Harrison (m. ?–2015)
Parents: Rick Harrison, Kim Harrison
Siblings: Jake Harrison, Adam Harrison

There are few people who are most concerned about their professions so here is a name that have worth of words and dedication. They are the people if they commit you so they will defiantly fulfill them. He is a well-known celebrity who appeared in a famous History Channel’s program named as “Pawn Stars”. Corey Harrison is not only work as a manager but also work as a 3rd generation runner around the world of popular Silver and Gold Pawn Shop. He is also famous for his fat transformations to fit that he followed strict diet and hectic routine exercises.

Progression and Career:

He worked as a world popular Gold and Silver Shop Pawn in LA in age 9 but now he working as a manager of day to day activity and head of around 30 employees. This shop was founded by his Grand Father named as Richard Harrison or than later he operated by the Rick Harrison Before falling into the 3rd generation Harrison.
After that, he started working with a channel as a Pawn Shop and here he had conflicts with his grandfather, father and himself to running the business. But with the passage of tie his one episode received three million views which is the blockbuster one. In year 2012, November 3rd he appeared with the names along Chumlee and Rick in episode of iCarly.

What about his Net Worth??

Corey basically wants to become on the top or become the boss of his shop one day he has a 5% share but with the passage of time he wants to increase it further in upcoming days.
His net was amassed with his incredible work at shows or worked as a manager in world popular Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. His net worth is around $2.8million.
In year 2016, he kept his house in Las Vages for sale in $2.3 million which is the price twice of its actual price of the house.

Is He divorced with whom??

His wife name is Charlene Harrison. They started their relationship in high school and they decided to get married but with the passage of time they both having conflicts and decided to get divorced in 2015.
His was born on 26thof April so when he has celebrating his 31st birthday he receiving a road motorcycle accident. So he suffered with the broken arm and had bruises in his foot and back. Along with he didn’t missed his birthday cake and celebrate with the directors and friends named as Richard Wilk.

Strict Diet he followed for Weight Loss:


Corey a star has a great effort with his ever rising weight or obesity. Corey weight at 402 lbs after that doctor kept in defensive diabetes medication and real alteration happened in year 2010 so when Corey undergo gastric lap group surgeries or lost weight around in 50 lbs after his first six weeks or 100 pounds more inside first year of the procedure.
His weighing is now at 210 lbs. He said that, “he is excited to go to gym and boxes 12 rounds a day”. Or on the other side he also said that “he feels like he is in 20’s as he lives a much different lifestyle”.

His Short Bio:

He was born on the date 27th April in year 1983 that makes his age is 34. Corey father name is Rick Harrison or Grandfather Name is Richard Benjamin Harrison. Corey Harrison was heave in family with the two more brothers are Adam or Jake Harrison through his father or step mother name is, DeAnna. He has incredible height of 6 foot.

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