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Couple Arrested After Luring Thieves To Steal Their Bike And Then Attacking Them With Baseball Bats

A couple that lives in California was left without any solution when the policies could not control the thefts in the neighborhood where the couple lived. Then they made a plan to do something to exact revenge on these thieves on their own but it has caused them to suffer some serious legal issues as well as criticism from the people who say that the couple went a little too far.

The video recordings of the couple’s security camera show an unattended bike outside their house. When the camera detected motion on its sensors, it appeared that somebody was actually trying to steal the bike. At the same time, the couple emerged from their house armed with baseball bats and they chased the thief down the street and also beaten these thieves very badly.

A per police report, this has now happened 4 times now but still the injuries of these thieves who got beaten up re life-threatening. One neighbor told the media that there were weeks when they heard the noise of the assaults and it happened for almost every night of the week.

A couple living in Visalia, California had the videos of them assaulting the thieves over Facebook and YouTube.






Police say that this case has become a little complicated because not many victims of such cases would come forward to explain the nature of the assault on them because they would have to confess their own wrongdoings as well which is, in fact, a crime too. This is what has led the commenter of these videos split into groups where one says that it was morally wrong while the other says what choice they had.



A legal defense in California stated that it is possible for making a citizen arrest in response to misdemeanor crimes like petty theft but this is not an easy process. As per the legal agency, making this citizen arrest, contact is required to be made to police immediately after seizing the culprit without using any excessive force until the police arrive and make the arrest.


This is the video of the new segment from a local news channel that has clippings of the couple’s home camera.

This is the couple who was arrested on crimes of assault with use of a deadly weapon and conspiracy.



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