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Crazy health procedures people do for beauty around the globe

People from across the globe belonging to different cultures have different methods to take care of their mind, body, and soul. One thing is certain in all the things that nearly any item on the planet can be turned into a facial mask whether it is something edible like Chocolate or something ornamental like Gold.

If you just take a notice of the world you will find that people have literally thousands of ways to take care of their health and beauty which is offered by local spas or medical centers in their vicinity.

Today we have collected some of the most surprising and unexpected health procedures that people use across the world.

So scroll down to look at these crazy health procedures people do for the beauty around the globe. You are free to choose one if you deem it fit for your beauty needs.

Snail facials in Thailand

Snail facials

In Thailand snails are used for a facial massage a. during this massage snails are left on your face and they are allowed to move around your face while leaving behind mucus. This snail facial treatment has been in practice since the ancient Greece times.



Apitherapy involves treatments that use all products coming from bees, including bee venom. This therapy is helpful in the treatment of the following diseases.

  • multiple sclerosis
  • arthritis infections
  • shingles

Peruvian dolphin therapy

Peruvian dolphin therapy

In Peru, swimming with dolphins at marine parks has been used for speech, occupational, and physical therapy. The dolphins reportedly nudge the woman’s belly and release a high-frequency sound that is said to stimulate the baby’s brain.

Snake massage in Israel

Snake massage

Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa in Israel offers one of the most bizarre and perhaps dangerous massage services in the world. The make use of live snakes and actually half a dozen of them to slither around a person’s body which is supposed to be a full body massage. This massage also includes snakes slithering all over one’s face. According to clients, this massage has helped them overcome problems like migraines and sore muscles.

Beer spas in Europe

Beer spas

In Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, many hotels and spa have allowed their customers to have a chance of soaking themselves in beer. This treatment is said to treat skin issue, and can even increase the cardio activity.

Volcanic sand bath

Volcanic sand bath

This treatment uses actual volcanic sands. In the Yamakawa Sand Baths located in Japan, this practice was started where there are hot water springs which are heated by nearby volcanoes. The volcanic sand bath also takes place in the spa.

Equine Reiki in Australia

Equine Reiki

Reiki is a pseudoscience method which involves the method of sharing ‘life energy’ among people. The normal method of sharing this energy is usually by touch. There is a growing trend in Australia where a variation of this practice is used in which horses are made use to transfer energy. The client lies on a massage bed or sits comfortably on a chair while a horse moves around them and shares its energy.

Ramen baths in Japan

Ramen baths

Yunessun Spa House, a spa theme park in Hakone, Japan, allows its visitors to oak themselves in giant bowls filled with ramen. It is said that the ingredients inside help boost metabolism and also improves facial skin. The broth in these giant bowls is mostly Pork Broth.

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