Crazy times when people found unexpected things in unexpected places

Much like with love, when we stop searching we make the best discoveries. You could spend all day dragging a metal detector across the beach, but often it is the person taking a casual stroll that happens upon an unexpected treasure. At least the people on the list below would probably agree with this philosophy, each one found their own unique ‘gems’ at the most random times and in some very odd places.

Scroll down below to check out this neat list of awesome and even historical finds that people happened upon while they were out and about.

Some guy found this amazing message in a bottle while fishing


Found by a bicycle rider riding through the forest


A couple found this glass ball at the Hawaii beach that had become the home of small marine ecosystem

Hawaii beach

Baby bunnies found in a man’s lawn before he was going to mow it down

Baby bunnies

A little patch of clover in a bottle; Mother Nature never stops working

patch of clover

8-year-old girl saga found a sword from the Iron Age in Lake Vidösten. Estimated to be about 1500 years old, it is the first sword of its kind to ever be found in Scandinavia


A man found this blue crayfish high in the mountains of West Virginia

blue crayfish

Found under the floorboards in an 1800’s era house; a device to remove the top of soft boiled eggs


A boy found A Sea Shell with Squid Eggs Inside; kinda looks like an alien invasion

Sea Shell

One of a kind find; a Transparent Leaf

Transparent Leaf

A huge piece of Quartz found in Arkansas; worth about 4 million dollars


A rock found within a rock; was other Nature feeling mischievous!


Fisherman Found a Giant Pearl, Weighing 34kg, but Wasn’t Aware the $100 Million Pearl Was So Valuable And Kept It As A Luck Charm

Giant Pearl

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