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Creative and Hilarious Doormats to Welcome Your Guests

Most people only see doormats as something to wipe their feet on, but if you really think about it, doormats hold a higher purpose – they’re the first thing that people see before entering your home. Your grandma’s tacky ‘welcome’ mat probably doesn’t reflect you as a person, however, so we’ve compiled a selection of alternatives that should be a little more up to snuff. Though the mail carrier might be a little caught-off-guard the next time they arrive at your doorstep, at least you’ll sleep easy knowing that your mat is a hundred times more honest than any of that ‘home sweet home’ nonsense.

Yell, if you can read

Creativity at its best

This fellow clearly does not like visitors

Beware…Cats Ahead

Add a Little technology for your doormat

Self Introductory Mat

This mat came with a Guard

Three of the best things

A Math’s Teacher Doormat

RPG Menu Doormat

Husband Is Cool

Perfect way to make the guests feel uncomfortable

Trap Door Doormat

Perfect for those who forget keys every time

Star Wars fan

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