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Creative and ingenious engineers who have totally fixed it

Did you know that the first prototype for duct tape was developed during World War II? And by all means, the people on this list are obeying the following rule: “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.”

Here we praise creativity, even when it’s a little… questionable. Because otherwise, how would you know where your wits end is?

Duck Tape can fix anything

Duck Tape

When you are in urgent need of hot water and boiler is out

hot water

as long as it holds the compressors in place, it works


Hot to survive a muddy summer

muddy summer

Needed a handle for my hammer


Boiler down, creativity up


Then again, you always know when it’s time remove the laundry


Upper class fencing

Upper class fencing

It’s secure now

secure now

Old school laptop

Old school laptop

Phone cases are decorative and useful

Phone cases

This undoubtedly a Work of a true genius

true genius

Works the same and looks ‘Kinda’ same

Kinda same

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