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Creative Husbands With A Brilliant Sense of Humor

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life. You get somebody who understands you without you even to talk, who cares about you even without you saying so and provide for you at any cost.

Indeed marriage is a serious thing but it is also a great pleasure of life if you manage to find yourself a partner who can turn all the difficulties in your life with their amazing sense of humor.

Today for our reads we have collected a delightful collection of photos that show men being ingenious with their wives. So scroll down to look for yourself at these creative husbands with a brilliant sense of humor.

When you ask your husband to help with the laundry


This is what happened when I asked my husband to go grocery shopping and he found out that ice cream was on sale

grocery shopping

When you leave him with children at home


When you ask him to put spaghetti on the stove



I asked my husband, who is 1.5 times as tall as me, to hang the mirror in the bathroom


The most touching declaration of eternal love ever


I asked my husband to thoroughly whip the cream, and I came to the kitchen because I heard a strange noise…


When he is not supposed to be drinking beer

drinking beer

Will you be my Valentine?


When you ask him to clean the fridge


When you finally find his stash


I was a bit upset about my weight, but then I found a note from my husband


When you make him wrap his own presents for once


My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas… I guess she won’t be too happy



When he gets impatient waiting for you to get ready


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