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Creative Items That Will Make Your Jaws Hit the Floor

They say that creativity is a natural born talent and a creative person’s mind is boundless like the endless space. This is the very reason that the things they create are truly masterpieces. For example, a company has installed a mailbox near their office which resembles a crane and one person made a masterpiece of a dove from broken pieces of a mirror.

Today we want to share with you a few photos of items that are the creation of an ingenious and creative mind.

So scroll down to look at these creative items that will make your jaws hit the floor.

This inflatable lock advertisement on a storage building

storage building

These bowling balls which are painted like pool balls

bowling balls

The cutest 3-piece ring ever

3-piece ring

The worst dollar that this Ice Cream parlor accepts for an ice cream

Ice Cream parlor

A stylish golf cart for the animated film ‘Cars’ fans

golf cart

The mailbox for this construction office is a crane; Seems appropriate


An Xbox controller coffee table

coffee table

This Harley Davidson limousine

Harley Davidson limousine

An incredible art installation

incredible art

Vertical stairs in a mountain

Vertical stairs

Disappearing car doors

car doors

A simple trick turned into a vivid water light show

light show

BMW Gina Light Concept Car aka the Blinking Car

Blinking Car

This train which is painted like “The Alien”


A dove made out of a broken mirror

broken mirror

These ski lift pods are tables at a restaurant


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