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Creative People Who Prove That Anyone Can Be a Hero

According to some studies heroes are believed to be smart, strong, resilient, selfless, caring, charismatic, reliable, and inspiring. However, in our daily life we don’t have to possess all of these great character traits to become a real hero and inspire the people around us.

We have gathered the most outstanding examples of human creativity proving that not all heroes wear capes.

A guy saw me struggling on the quiz and handed me a pencil

A real genius

Guy who put onion rings in the fries

This Uber driver has a charging cord for their passengers

Sometimes all it takes is a key to be a hero

Locals saved a tourist’s car from falling into the sea by sitting on the hood until assistance arrived

This 80-year-old man rescues stray dogs and takes them for train rides

Man dressed up as a stock photo for Halloween

Professor showed up to our 7:30 a.m. final in his pajamas to protest being forced to have finals that early

This guy goes around the neighborhood like an ice cream truck guy selling BBQ on the weekends

This girl’s team helped her with good lighting so she could take a nice pic of herself eating pizza

A cool guy in a certain neighborhood is helping other drivers out

Airport hero who placed this extension cord

In order not to fight over air conditioning, these office workers created this. Now they can adjust the air flows.

Most important skill in modern life

They said no man could hold 47 pizzas. He proved them wrong

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