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Cute Bunny Comics to have new outlook on life

Artist Ryan Pagelow had been thinking of a visually cute yet a dark twisted comic for quite some years. What finally emerged in his mind was the idea of an optimistic bunny which he named “Buni” how had terrible luck in his daily life.

The comics created by this artist mostly rely on images than words to tell a story which can be often not a bit sad but very twisted with the right hint of funny. The Instagram posts for these comics had nearly 107 thousand followers to date and it is rapidly increasing.

The optimistic Buni does not realize that the cute world that he seems to live in is always on the corner to get him off guard. The girl he loves someone else neither does his best intentions seem to work out all that well too. Despite all this Buni wakes up each day with smile on his face and hope in his heart.

Along with his cynical dad, Buni lives an unreal world that is mostly inhabited by animals and sometimes with mythical animals like Unicorns or even living foods like cupcakes.

Buni has also been named as the best Online Comic from the National Cartoonist Society back in 2013. The artist of this comic has also published his first book titled “Buni: happiness is a State of Mind”.

Scroll down to see these hilarious comic strips for yourself and have new unique perspective of life.

# 1


# 2


# 3

tree house

# 4


# 5


# 6


# 7

snow man

# 8

broken heart

# 9


# 10


# 11

kite flying

# 12


# 13


# 14


# 15


# 16


# 17


# 18





sun bath

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Accidental but hilarious Photobombs of all times