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Danielley Ayala

Today we would like to introduce to you Danielley Ayala; an American social media personality as well as a renowned makeup artist. This social media beauty is enjoying a massive following despite stating only a few years ago. This makes her a prime candidate for the big corporates that love to advertise their products over social media. Working it them, Danielley Ayala has managed to not only gain big bucks but countless other opportunities. One of these opportunities is getting scouted by modeling agencies and magazines. Her forte in modeling includes swimsuit and lingerie modeling.

Danielley Ayala not only does professional modeling and photoshoots but also personal ones. these personal photoshoots are from her day to day life which are posted on her Instagram account which include vacation trips, and business tours. These pictures are the one that keep her fans coming for more of her awesome beauty and sense of style.

Danielley Ayala was born in the USA back on February 23rd 1994 making her 27 years old. Still with her fit physique she still appears to be a sexy girl in her late teen years. She started her social media journey back in 2015 with a moderate approach. As for now, she has is nearing to complete a following of 2 million followers.

Physical Attributes:-

As we already know that she is an American woman of 27 years of age; she still appears to be a girl in her early twenties. This is all thanks to her intense diet plans and fitness regime plus her extraordinary makeup artist skills. Danielley Ayala has a height if 5 feet 8 inches making her quite tall for a model but it certainly gives her those long legs that many flaunt over. As if her fit physique was not enough of a charm, she also mesmerizes onlookers with her black hair and dark brown eyes.


  • Danielley Ayala started learning the makeup artist skills from the “Make-Up Designory Los Angeles Schools of Make-Up”. Following the competition of that course, she started her own career as a makeup artist. Nowadays she specializes in fashion field as well as makeup.
  • Her makeup artist career has been a successful one that led her to create her own website. on this website, Danielley Ayala offers numerous beauty products of renowned companies; each of which compatible for certain skin types.
  • With her pictures on social media capturing eyes of modeling agencies; she was approached by many. at the moment, Danielley Ayala is signed up with a modeling agency named “Found Model Management”.
  • Moreover, she has decided to increase her makeup artist skills by learning the hairstyling art.

Danielley Ayala Family: Danielley Ayala Boyfriend:-

There is little to no information available on family of Danielley Ayala. As for her relationship stays, she was rumored to be dating Peter Shelegin back in 2015. Later in 2018, Danielley Ayala confirmed that they were a couple for nearly 3 years. But this couple broke up back in 2020 and nowadays, Danielley Ayala is single.

Net Worth:-

Being a social media personality, a budding model, and a well-known makeup artist; all of this certainly pays up big bucks. Danielley Ayala has been in link with many magazines for photoshoots as well as does brand endorsements for makeup product companies. As of this year, the official net worth of Danielley Ayala is somewhere in-between 250K to 500K USD.

Written by Suddl

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