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Deepfake of Salvador Dalí presents the renowned surrealist to life at the Florida museum

It might come as a surprise to the art lovers and especially the fans of the legendary Spanish surrealist known by the name of Salvador Dalí, most of his works are now available for preview at a museum located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.


What would be strange yet surprising news for these art lovers is that with the help of the AI technology, the famed painter who passed away back in 1989 is now a resident at the museum where he loves to take selfies with visitors.

The museum named “Dali Museum” which has been renowned in the art word due to their extensive collection of the painter’s many greatest works, started a permanent exhibit at the museum for public viewing last Saturday. The exhibition has been named as “Dali Lives”.

The exhibition starts with an information kiosk which encourages the public to approach in front of a human-sized screen and push the LED lit button next to it in order for them to summon the main attraction of this exhibition, the great Salvador Dalí himself as he greets the guests.

This deepfake of Dali is the result of the state of the art AI technology along with 1000 hours of machine learning to present a look into the Dali as he interacts with the guests of the museum. Not only does he greet but also shares his many amazing life stories, chatting about the weather and many more things.

Technical Director of the museum, Nathan Shipley explains this whole exhibition as, “In order to actually train this AI to reproduce Dalí’s likeness, we started with finding the right footage of Dalí. Our system learns exactly what he looks like, and how his mouth moves, and how his eyes move, and his eyebrows and every little detail about what makes Dalí Dalí.”

The co-chairman and partner of the advertising agency named Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Jeff Goodby, who collaborated for this exhibition with the museum said,

“This is actually a recreated version of Dalí. It’s not a person playing Dalí with makeup. It is actually Dalí. We’re very careful to use his words so that you learn a lot about what he thought and the way he thought.”

One great thing about this exhibition is that after every session of Dalí Lives ends, the great surrealist turns towards visitors and asks them if they would like to take a picture with them.

If the guests say ‘yes’, Dalí takes out his won smartphone from his pocket and snaps a selfie with the whole group of guests. In a more pleasing manner, he asks the guests for the picture to be texted to them from where they can post it on social media.

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