Delivery drivers of Amazon must now verify their identity with selfies

Amazon is taking customer satisfaction as well as security to whole another level. They are now using the facial recognition of their delivery drivers to ensure their identities.


These changes are being specially made for the people who are driving for Amazon’s delivery service known as “Amazon Flex”. It is Amazon’s program by which the contract workers deliver the Amazon packages by making use of their own cars.

As for now, in order to ensure their identities, Amazon will now use facial recognition as well as selfies of these drivers on each delivery.

This new development form Amazon was reported by tech media after the app for Amazon Flex started notifying its drivers that they now need to take selfies of themselves in the app.

According to Amazon, this new rule is being imposed in order to minimize the growing cases of Fraud as well as to ensure the fact that the people who are delivering the packages for Amazon Flex are also able to access Amazon Flex or not.

In Amazon’s FAQ section for their Flex program, the company states, “We use your photo for identification. This can include making sure it’s you who is doing the delivery and using your picture to identify you to customers and station staff. The photo is also used on your in-app ID card.”

As the drivers for the Amazon Flex are the independent workforce of contractors, they use their own vehicles to make deliveries, they, likewise, also set their own schedules. In this case, an additional layer of this security will help the company to keep a check on their workers.

Others to implement Facial Recognition:-

This facial recognition security check is not the first security measure to be implemented by Amazon for its independent workforce. The first one to introduce this selfie farcical recognition security feature was Uber who introduced it back in 2016.

In Uber’s unique facial recognition version of security, each Uber driver needs to take a selfie of themselves before the start of their every shift. This is done to provide that the person who is driving the car is indeed the driver who is picking up the passengers.

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