Delta Airlines is soon going to test the free Wi-Fi on its flights in U.S.

Jet Blue, you have a new competitor in the market.

Delta Airlines, which is often ridiculed, announced earlier on Thursday that it is going to start testing its Free Wi-Fi service on its domestic flights in the USA starting from May 13th. For the customers, this is going to be major news as the Wi-Fi service on many airlines costs a huge sum of money with only Jet Blue being the exception as they provide free Wi-Fi service.

Delta is going to start conducting this test on its 55 flights in the US. The test is going to be conducted for nearly 2 weeks and not all of the airline’s flights will receive the free Wi-Fi service. As for the ones which do, passengers of such flights will receive the news beforehand.

Aims for the test:-

There are actually two aims for testing this service by Delta Airlines which are as follows.

  • Testing as to how well Wi-Fi works on flights
  • To receive customer feedback

Well, these are the main purposes behind this test unless the customers decided to switch their Wi-Fi connections off because free Wi-Fi sounds nice.


According to studies, when compared with the Paid Wi-Fi on flights, the free Wi-Fi makers use the “~soars~”. Providing this free of charge Wi-Fi service actually puts quite a strain over the airlines’ system.

What will Delta passengers be able to do or not on Wi-Fi?

With this free Wi-Fi trial, the Delta customers will be able to not only read articles but also check their e-mails.

What the Delta customers will be sad to hear is that they won’t be able to stream videos over this Wi-Fi network. Still, Delta Airlines has made deals for content distributions with several media companies in order to provide its customers with a variety of movies and TV shows for absolutely free of charge.

The reason for banning the video streaming on Wi-Fi is because it consumes a lot of bandwidth that can slow down the speed of the internet for everyone to use.

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