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DIY Projects that Should have Never Happened

Do It Yourself projects allow people to reuse items lying around the house to create something cool instead of throwing them away. However, just because you can make anything it doesn’t mean you should.

For these folks, the need to get creativity out is overwhelming and it doesn’t matter how. Still, some of the better DIY projects are born out of necessity or the need to fix some kind of problem. When we go in with no plan or we don’t take the time to think things through, our projects can sometimes get away from us. Sometimes it’s a good project gone bad, sometimes it’s a bad project gone… as well as it could’ve. Regardless, it’s hilarious to see the results.

Airbag Accessories

When Grandma Takes matters into her own hands

T-Rex Heels for your fashion needs

Preserving Childhood Memories

Now It Looks Cool

Knife Block made from Old books

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Disturbing coat rack

Trap your kids inside the soap dispenser

Denim jeans turned into a flower pot

A way to keep your kids occupied in your 20-year-old car

Blow up your air mattress without all the hassle

An attempt at achieving loft-style living

An all-natural hot tub

One way to achieve voluminous curls

When your refrigerator is just too full

Homemade Roller skates

Your very own computer Cup Holder

This Should Fix it

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