Do you know about Nintendo Switch’s secret browser?

Do you know about the Nintendo Switch’s secret Brower? Well, there really is one and Nintendo installed it for a special reason. Nintendo added a patch that will allow the friendly handheld console to be connected with public hotspots. This is surprising news for a console like Nintendo Switch as most public hotspots demand the user to login in a captive portal.

In order to overcome this problem for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo came up with a browser that is inside the Nintendo Switch and that can only be used for limited purposes.

Logging into Public Hotspots:-

The main intention of installing the browser inside a Nintendo Switch is to log into the public hotspot like at the Starbucks or the Vox Media. When user logs into the hotspot of the Google Starbucks, it brings up the webpage that is coffee infused that a person often sees on their laptop when they log into the same hotspot. From there, the user can then navigate the browser through the touchscreen.

Workarounds for launching the Nintendo Switch Brower:-

Even if a user cannot launch the web browser from their Nintendo Switch’s main menu or are not able to enter the URL manfully, they can have a few workaround methods. One of these workaround methods is to sneak into the Facebook by opening the User Settings on the Nintendo Switch to link the user’s social profile and then clicking on the link on this page.

This loophole can be sued to not only browser through Facebook but also to sue for watching videos of Facebook. Additional perks are ability check the news feeds of the account, browser through other pages of Facebook and watching videos.

Features of Nintendo Switch’s browser:-

There are many other features of the Nintendo Switch’s browser. The small blue colored dot is a mouse pointer which the user can move with their console’s left joystick. As for the right joystick, it can be used to zoom a page in and out. In order to see the information of a page, user can press the “plus Button”. This usually shows web addresses and also lets the user know if there connection is encrypted or not.

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