Easy steps on changing the username of your PlayStation Network

For the majority of us, it has not been really easy to change the account name for the PSN (PlayStation Network). Well, actually it was not until the April of 2019, the Sony had allowed the PSN account holders to change the username. Now each account is able to change the surname for free at least once. As for the changes that come after this free pass, it will cost about 4.99 dollars, if the users are subscribers of the PlayStation Plus.  For the others, the cost of changing the username after free chance will be 9.99 dollars.

Whatever the reason might be that you want to change the username from your PlayStation Network, we have a step by step easy guide on doing it. Still, there are a few warnings that you must read before making the change on your surname.

According to Sony, if any of you who want to change the username is playing the newer games of PlayStation, you will not encounter any problem because these new games are developed in a way to support this new feature. For those who are a fan of applying earlier games of PS4, there are some issues. Actually, Sony has created a whole list of such games that can cause issues after changing the Username of the PlayStation Network account.

Right after the account holder saves the new username, Sony will give them prompt saying that the Saved game data can get affected; whether it is stored on the device or Cloud.

Prompts before changing the PlayStation Network Username:-

Some of the prompts that Sony will give to the users are as follows.

  • The previously saved Online ID will remain visible to the user and other players
  • User can lose progress within the games which includes progress like saved game data, progress for Trophies, and data for leader boards.
  • Some parts of the game will not be able to function online or offline properly.
  • The user might also lose access to certain content that they have acquired for their games. These contents include things like Virtual Currency and Add-ons.

For those of you who are willing to accept these issues, these are the easy steps on changing the username of your PlayStation Network.

Changing username via web browser:-

To change the username for your PlayStation Network account using a web browser, follow these following steps.

  • Sign in to the Sony account. Their user will see the name of their PSN account which is called Online ID by Sony and is the top option on the window. To change the username, click on ‘Edit’ button.

  • Before the user moves forward, they will receive the prompts from Sony that we have listed beforehand. If the user wants to keep on going, then they should hit the option saying “I Accept”.

  • There will be some more warnings by Sony that if a user encounter problems, they should simply reclaim their old username and change it back. If the user is OK with these further warnings by Sony, they should move forward.

Changing username via PlayStation 4:-

To change the PlayStation Network account username by using a PS4, you need to follow the following settings.

  • Open the dashboard of the PS4 and navigate through the Settings

  • Scroll down the Settings list and hit on the option “Account Management”.

  • In that option select the option saying “Account Information” and then ‘Profile” and then “Online ID”.
  • User will see the same warnings that Sony displayed in the web browser changing procedure.
  • User needs to accept these changes and then enter their new Username.

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