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Epic and Painful Sunburns

Ouch! These idiots who fell asleep (we hope) in the sun were rewarded with some epic burns… UV rays-style. Nobody wants unsightly tan lines, but these people took their relaxing time in the sun to a whole new level. These aren’t your run of the mill swimsuit lines, some of these people have happy faces and fun messages from their friends burned right onto their skin!

Hopefully all these people went right out and bathed in a tub of aloe vera and are prepared for the skin cancer their future likely holds.

Stay safe in the sun, everyone! Unless your significant other really digs the tomato look.

This Poor Unfortunate Soul

These Two Who Didn’t Think Sunscreen Was That Important

At Least It Was Just One Knot

A Supporting Actor from the Movie Cocoon

This Girl Who Lived a Yogurt Commercial for a Little Too Long

A Horrible Tribal Sunburn That Looks Like Stretchmarks

This Guy Who Wore a Bra/Bikini Top for One Day

Batman Sunburn

So you thought you could get away with wearing crocs…..

This Really Great Red Skull Cosplay

Feeling Dumb

This Lobster with The Tanktop Made Of Human Skin

This Guy Who Sleeps with HIs Hand on His Belly

How did he managed this!

The Necklace Must Feel Like a Poker

Worst Prom Proposal Ever

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