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Epic disastrous cases where failure is just an understatement

As J.K. Rowling once said, “It is the ability to resist failure or use failure that often leads to greater success.” Her life’s example proves this statement brilliantly and shows us that we should approach every case of even the most disastrous failure with humor and a positive way of thinking.

We have gathered the most prominent examples of epic fails showing that it’s natural for all human beings to make mistakes from time to time.

So scroll down to have a look at these epic disastrous cases where failure is just an understatement.

When you overslept for work and later sitting at your desk saw this


Weight Scale, A simple error message would have been enough

Weight Scale

When you run the pen your jeans while talking to someone and suddenly realize that it was open


After a night of partying hard, I guess he couldn’t find the toothpaste

partying hard

Mornings are tough

Mornings are tough

My friend went ice fishing and decided to take a pic of the ice hole


Just painted the stairs to the basement and Now he is trapped


When your plans go terribly wrong

terribly wrong

He thought stick sunscreen was a good idea


He lost part of his beard to an orbital polishing machine

polishing machine

When you try hard to solve the problem


A novel approach to street painting (that’s Sh*t by the way)

street painting

Nobody gets in and nobody gets out


When you order 2 cakes and asked to write ’Happy Birthday’ on both

Happy Birthday

When you leave a face mask on eyebrows for too long then this will happen


Her head got stuck there; yes, some people are just that stupid


Online shopping risks; you get what you asked for

Online shopping risks

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