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Epic Fashion Magazine Photoshop Fails

This is a list of the best fashion magazine Photoshop fails. These epic photo disasters found on various web sites will make you look twice. At first glance, these pictures seem normal until you start to notice phantom limbs, disappearing body parts, and other unfortunate Photoshopping mistakes. Made possible by using retouching tools that are supposed to enhance the appearance of famous celebrities, supermodels, and even animals, the following images in the gallery below are hilarious, awkward, and even creepy. Some of the most popular woman’s magazines sold everywhere often feature a famous person on the cover, from Hollywood stars to sexy models, attempting to sell the idea of beauty and luxury. Editors and designers of these fashion mags and advertisements want their readers to buy into some unattainable form of perfection and in order to do that, they use digital imaging techniques to make the celebs and models appear to be thinner, curvier, taller, and more appealing. Changes are made to the appearance, from trimming waistlines, to changing eyes and skin color, enhancing breast sizes, or simply making the cover image fit within the page. In some cases, backgrounds and props are changed or removed, but traces of the original image are mistakenly left behind, giving the illusion of hands appearing out of nowhere or an extra set of fingers. This collection of fashion magazine Photoshop embarrassment are here for your enjoyment. Which picture do you think committed the ultimate graphic design sin and deserves to go to the top of the list of epic failures in Photoshopping?

Terrifying Ghost Hand Lends Some Moral Support

Zac Efron’s creepily chiseled arm

Pfft, Who Needs TWO Thighs

Kerry Washington’s tampered-with bust area

Terrifying Ghost Hands Attack Again

A Model with the Long Fingers of Slenderman

Carrying ONLY the Handles of Handbags Is Now A THING

Prince William becomes… someone from Fall out Boy

Emma Watson’s Invisible Leg

Brangelina’s phantom child

Giraffe Model on the right

Invisible-Arms Are a Must for Modern Surfers

Kristen Stewart Loses Her Arm to a Shark

Woman Loses Belly Button in Freak Accident

Kylie Minogue’s vanishing foot

Not An Armless Model

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