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Epic Shots That Prove Parenting Is Not A Child’s Play

There is without a doubt nothing more beautiful than bringing a new person to life in this world. The babes are our pride and joy, the apple of pour eyes. While they might be cute but with passage of time, you are going to learn the horrors of being a parent. It is not easy to raise a kid. Living with them is certainly a challenging thing. If you don’t believe us, ask some of their older siblings.

Our today’s article is for those readers of ours that are planning to be a parent or already expecting a child soon. Beware of the trouble that is coming your way.

So scroll down to look at these epic shots that prove parenting is not a child’s play.

You have got to admire the kid’s energy


This little girl doesn’t want to sleep alone, but has such a tiny, tiny bed…

sleep alone

That’s one way to wean your kids off of soda


You just know that little girl is the mastermind here


At first, it’s cute that the kids want to sleep in your bed


How did that kid get all the way up there?

way up

Did you think people were kidding about babies being loud?


At least the kid still looks clean

looks clean

Just be happy he didn’t get into the milk too!


Pets are supposed to train you for kids, but this is too literal


Sometimes, kids just forget how to sit


To be fair, even Santa knows that anytime can be naptime


Marrying a man raised by cats has its advantages


When your daughter exposes your secrets to the world


Because being a parent means going the extra mile


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