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Epic Times When the World Glitched Harder Than Any Video Game

After the release of the sci-fi action movie “Matrix” an idea has taken a strong following that like the plot of the movie, we are living in the simulated computer world. According to this mass cult, we are all living in a computerized simulation which has been created by a civilization more advanced than our wildest dreams. Te claims made by these theorists are not baseless as they have over the years, shared many proofs of this to be a fact.

Today we have collected a list of some photos that do not explain the mystery of the Universe but they are still pretty amazing to see.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these epic times when the world glitched harder than any video game.

Dead pixel

Dead pixel

Fish rain in China

Fish rain

Another bug in the matrix


I’ll get the same one for myself


What happened here?


The names of my cats? Ctrl C and Ctrl V


It’s time to recalibrate the weather app

weather app

I chose the red pill

red pill

In the right place at the right time…

right place

Okay, now I’ve seen everything


And here is Agent Smith

Agent Smith

Is this line only for people wearing blue or for people who are bald?


My phone glitched while taking a picture of the sunset and this happened


Basic white girl matrix glitch

matrix glitch

Through the walls


How do you like this sea?


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