Extinct Creatures that weren’t Extinct in first place

News are being bombarded up[on us about new animal species going extinct every year and media outlets are constantly telling us something to do that is impossible for a normal person to do. However there are still some animal species that were reported to have gone extinct but actually aren’t. The list of these animals that were once thought to have gone extinct is as follows.

New Holland Mouse:-

New Holland Mouse which was first described in 1934 was supposed to have gone extinct after that. However in 1967 it was rediscovered again and can now only be found in Australia. The mouse is under threat of extinction but still is not quite literally extinct.


Takahe is flightless bird that is found living in South Islands of New Zealand. The last four specimens of this bird were found back in 1898 ad after that it was reportedly gone extinct. However back in 1948 some of its specimens were rediscovered near the Lake Te Anau. The bird is still under the threat of extinction but not completely extinct as are the rumors.

Mountain Pygmy Possum:-

Mountain Pygmy Possum was only described as a fossil back in 1896 but the species was discovered alive on Mount Hotham, Australia back in 1966. T was discovered by some tourist while on a ski hunt. The natural living environment of this possum is inside alpine rocks and boulders due to its small mouse like size. Females live on top of mountains while male inhabit in the lower regions. For mating, males have o travel to the females on top of mountains. Due to them being exposed to life threatening danger during this mating ritual, to ensure their safety government of Australia built them a tunnel beneath the road and named it as Tunnel of Love.

Bermuda Petrel:-

Bermuda Petrel was thought to have gone extinct 330 years ago. It is a nocturnal and a ground nesting sea bird. This bird is also the national bird of Bermuda. Fortunately in 1951, 18 living pairs of this bird were found. The reason for their extinction was thought to be when English settled in Bermuda and introduced the region with cats, dogs and rats.

The Coelacanth:-

This is undoubtedly the most amazing rediscovery of an animal species on our list. The name of this rediscovered species is Coelacanth which was presumed extinct since the end of Cretaceous Period. The species was found in several of African Nation in 1938. Thus it was given the title of Lazarus Taxon meaning an organism that once from fossil record came back o life. They normally inhabit on the ocean floor but reportedly have been seen near the ocean’s surface. They can grow up to 15 feet in length

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