Famous People Who Are Nothing Like You Imagined In Real Life

We all have ways we like to imagine the people we admire, especially the famous ones. But we only really know these people in their best moments, when they’re performing for a crowd. Sooner or later, everybody gets off the stage and goes home. And more often than not, the person you meet in private is nothing like the show they put on for the public.

Edward Snowden Is a Web Rage Commenter

Edward Snowden

Before he leaked the NSA’s terrifying surveillance project Edward Snowden was just a guy who liked to chat on the Internet. And, as it turns out, he was about as angry and foul-mouthed as they come, even by Internet standards. Snowden used to chat on IRC under the name “The TrueHOOHA,” where he mostly just made foul-mouthed rants about American politics.

Taylor Swift Could Be 4chan Customer

Taylor Swift

4chan is about as notorious as a website can get. It’s an unfiltered, anonymous community where self-proclaimed “autists” spend their time celebrating anime, child pornography, and open racism. Amongst that crowd of basement dwellers, rumor has it; you can find one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

At least, that’s what 4chan’s cyber sleuths claim. They’ve put together a whole chart analyzing the posts of an anonymous, blonde-haired user who posts on the site and who, they insist, is Taylor Swift.

The day before Taylor Swift tweeted pictures of a new cat she’d named Meredith, a user posted pictures of an identical-looking cat and asked 4chan to name it. And yes—4chan named the cat “Meredith.”

Stephen Hawking Was a Regular at Sex Clubs

Stephen Hawking

When Stephen wasn’t breaking new ground in astrophysics, Hawking was partying—and he was a lot raunchier than you might want to know.

Hawking was spotted at a swinger’s club called Freedom Acres, a sex club that warns customers that they have to supply their own lubricant and encourages them to “bring a change of clothes.” And this wasn’t when he was young—Hawking was 70 years old when it happened.

Hawking had been repeatedly spotted buying lap dances at a strip club called Devore and once bought fellow physicist Kip Thorne a year’s subscription to Penthouse.

Gandhi Was Weirdly Comfortable With Bowel Movements


Years after his death, one of Mahatma Gandhi’s followers fondly recalled, “[Gandhi] taught us to be open about everything.” He didn’t really mean “everything,” though. He mostly just meant bowel movements. Gandhi would start the morning by greeting the local women with a wave and the polite question of: “Did you have a good bowel morning movement this morning, sisters?”

Gandhi would spend at least 20 minutes sitting on the commode every time he went to the bathroom. He didn’t want that time to be wasted, and so, whenever he sat on the toilet, he would invite people to come and chat with him while he did his business.

Bill Gates Has a Minesweeper Addiction

Bill Gates

According to old colleagues of Bill Gates, he has a major problem with the game Minesweeper. In the 1990s, Bill Gates was completely obsessed with Minesweeper. He played it so much that it started seriously impacting his productivity and, to keep himself in check, he forced himself to delete it. Even after he took it off his computer, though, Gates still couldn’t stop playing. Instead, he just started sneaking into Microsoft’s then-president Michael Hallman’s office to play it on his computer.

FIY; He’d beaten beginner mode in just five seconds.

Jack Kerouac Couldn’t Drive

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady drove from sea to sea across America. Kerouac’s novel On The Road changed society. The book made a minor boom in the automobile industry because it helped connect the idea of driving with freedom, exploration, and independence. And yet, Jack Kerouac couldn’t drive. He didn’t even have a driver’s license when he and Cassady traveled the country. Kerouac never once put his hands on the wheel despite the incredible amount he traveled in cars.

Matthew Perry went to rehab multiple times

Matthew Perry

While many of us know Mathew Perry to be the beloved and funny Chandler from famous TV series, FRIENDS, he actually had a dark secret of his life. Mathew Perry was drug and alcohol addict and for that he went to rehab multiple times.

In 1997, Perry made his first trip to rehab to try to kick his pill habit. He stayed 28 days at Minnesota’s Hazelden Foundation rehabilitation center. He returned to rehab a second time 2001, reported ABC News. Perry’s second trip caught NBC off guard as Friends was in production, but network officials would not disclose if his treatment affected the filming schedule.

Julian Assange Doesn’t Bathe

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is a powerful presence on the Internet. But you might not want to meet him in real life. According to nearly every person he has met, Assange is one of those people you smell before you see. The first person to talk about it was one of his sexual assault accusers. Assange, she claims, never took a shower the entire time she knew him and staunchly refused to ever flush the toilet.

Even his friends have complained about it. One of his aides stated that, “I have never seen pants as greasy as his in my whole life.”

Prince Was a Jehovah’s Witness


Prince: The man who wrote lyrics so raunchy that he is the reason that albums come with parental guidance warnings. Prince, though, was very different in real life—especially after 2001 when he became a Jehovah’s Witness. Prince was a surprisingly devout follower of the religion. He would even go door-to-door with a Bible tucked under his arm and tell people about God’s kingdom on Earth. Usually, he was accompanied by Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham.

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