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Fans pay homage to the Late ‘SpongeBob’ Creator Stephen Hillenburg with their Art Tributes

Stephen Hillenburg, the man who used his love for animation and marine biology to developed one of the greatest cartoons of all times; SpongeBob Squarepants. Unfortunately, the man who made the childhood of many 90’s and early 2000’s kids, passed away on Tuesday 26th November 2018 at the age of 57.

The news was confirmed by the network which broadcasted this popular 90’s how since 1999; Nickelodeon.

According to the news from Nickelodeon, the cause for Stephen Hillenburg’s death was the ALS a motor neuron disease. He revealed about his condition in March last year.

Stephen Hillenburg was a graduate from the Humboldt State University in 1984. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation, with emphasis on marine resources. This allowed him to become the marine biology teacher as he taught at the Orange County Marine Institute (now the Ocean Institute) in Dana Point, California.

He combined this experience of his with a Masters of Fine Arts which he earned in 1992 and this will give you an idea as to how he was such a genius at creating stories to teach kids valuable lessons.

Till today, the cartoon; SpongeBob has aired early 250 episodes. There are literally hundreds of millions of SpongeBob fans and the majority of them are shocked by hearing the news of its creator’s death.

Now, these grief-stricken fans are paying their homage to once a great man an animator by sharing their Tribute Arts. Stephen Hillenburg Is survived by his wife Karen and his son Clay.

We have collected today some of these Tribute Arts for your viewing.

So scroll down to look at these tribute arts by fans to the Late ‘SpongeBob’ Creator Stephen Hillenburg.


SpongeBob image 1


SpongeBob image 2


SpongeBob image 3


SpongeBob image 4


SpongeBob image 5


SpongeBob image 6


SpongeBob image 7


SpongeBob image 8


SpongeBob image 9


SpongeBob image 10


SpongeBob image 11


SpongeBob image 12


SpongeBob image 13


SpongeBob image 14


SpongeBob image 15


SpongeBob image 16


SpongeBob image 17


SpongeBob image 18


SpongeBob image 19


SpongeBob image 20

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