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First U.S. citizen’s death confirmed from Coronavirus in the Washington state

The first U.S. citizen’s death confirmed from Coronavirus in Washington state, as per the news by the health authorities reported on Sunday. This is the first case of death from the novel Coronavirus in the USA. Officials have also announced the news about t2 more cases of the virus in Washington at the long-term care facility. This announcement also includes the news about a healthcare worker’s confirmed case of Coronavirus infection in the USA.

A spokesperson of the Washington State health department named Amy Reynolds said, “We are dealing currently with the emergency evolving situation.

A sportsperson of the EvergreenHealth Medical Center located in King County stated that Washington has confirmed to the AP that the patient has indeed died there. As per the press conference of Jeff Duchin, the health officer for the Public Health in Seattle & King County, The patient who has died was a male in his 50s who was suffering from the underlying chronic health conditions. As for how and when did the deceased contracted the virus, it is still unknown.

As for the 2 new cases of the Coronavirus in Washington state, they are also linked to a long-term health care facility. One of the patients is the resident of the facility who is in her 70s. She is currently in serious condition. As for the other patient, it is also a female and the healthcare worker of the facility in her 40s whose condition is satisfactory.

Out of the total 108 residents and the 108 staff members of the health care facility, 27 of the residents and 25 of the staff members have exhibited the Coronavirus symptoms. Their symptoms include common ones like coughing, fever, shortness of breath. Tests are being performed on them to see if they are indeed infected from COVID-19 or not.

This death news comes only after 3 days of the 3 cases of Coronavirus being reported in the USA that were of unknown origins. Before these new cases, there was only one reported case of a person who had travelled to the part of the world which has been deeply affected by this disease. These unknown origin cases are really alarming for the healthcare authorities because this indicates that this disease is most likely already circulating among the population.

Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee said, “It is a sad day in our state as we learn that a Washingtonian has died from COVID-19. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. We will continue to work toward a day where no one dies from this virus.”

The Coronavirus, which is the case for the disease called COVID-19, has already spread of 19 countries across the world since it was first discovered back in December in China. It is a respiratory disease that has caused more than 85000 people to be infected with it and nearly 2900 deaths because of it. All across the USA, nearly 66 people have been identified to be infected with COVID-19.

Even before the death news and new cases of Coronavirus, the healthcare industry in the US are bracing themselves for this virus’s outbreak. In the state of California, 124 nurses along with other workers of healthcare that were working at the Uc Davis Hospital have been told to isolate themselves from others at their homes. It is believed that those workers have been exposed to this virus at their workplace when one of the Coronavirus patients came seeking the treatment.

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