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Folks in Sweden are upgrading their hands, and it’s making people feel a little scared

Since the start of 2018, many folks in Sweden are ‘Chipping’ their hands. People are surgically implanting a chip inside their hands in between their index and thumb finger which is going to replace all electronic cards and keys.

In this year 2017, although only 100 people have undergone this procedure now in 2018, this procedure has now been performed by over 4000 people.

We decided to let you have a little info about it.

Few of the main features of this chip are as follows.

  • It will replace all electronic wallets, bank cards, travel cards, and different key cards.
  • It’s size only as big as a grain of rice.
  • The price to install this chip is about 180 dollars.
  • No, it does not have a GPS Tracker.
  • The chip can work only several inches afar from a reader so it’s hacking proof.
  • It is passive in nature meaning it can only transmit information but cannot receive other information from other devices.

How it looks (you can’t really see it)



If you press it, you can see this


On x-ray


This is the process as to how this Chip is installed inside one’s hand. The procedure does not cause any blood flow.


Watch the video of the procedure.

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