Food delivery service Amazon Restaurants is being shut down

For those who love ordering their food via Amazon, those days have come to an end.

To be more specific, the service known as the Amazon Restaurants is getting shut down. Earlier on Tuesday, tech media reported that the e-commerce giant Amazon, which launched their in-house food delivery service four years ago, is finally shutting it down.

With the Amazon Restaurants getting shut down, the users of the service in nearly 20 US cities will now have to make use of the services such as UberEats and GrubHub for ordering the food delivered straight on their doors.

The official date when the service will be shut down is June 24th as per the announcement by Amazon.

Amazon launched its Restaurants back in 2015 in Seattle and then expanded the service to dozens of other markets. Aside from making a firm hold in the US, service found its way all the way to London. The branch of the service by Amazon was shut down in London last year which was, in essence, an indication of the demise of the service in the US as well.

By the time the service comes to a complete shutdown, it will be working in US cities such as Seattle, Dallas, Miami, and New York. The Amazon users could order food via this service through the Amazon Restaurants website or form the app Prime Now.

The service was an average one that sometime delivered food late but the taste was fine. In case of delayed delivery, Amazon would credit the customer with a 10 dollars credit.

Despite the Amazon Restaurants being shut down, there are still plenty of other means by which Amazon can make money from the food industry. Amazon still owns a service called ‘Whole Food” which allows the customers to pick up groceries right from their home and delivered as well. The service also plans to launch their own spate line f the Amazon grocery stores sometime soon.

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