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The Pew Research Center made a recent study into few of the YouTube’s most popular channels which led some great findings.


According to this study, YouTube videos that have the word Prank or Fortnite, mentioned in the titles were able to receive nearly 5 times more views as compared to the pother videos without such keywords in their titles.


In fact her videos with words Fortnite mentioned in their title were actually able to gather a higher increase in their viewership as compared to the normal ones. In reality, nearly 15 percent of all the video games videos uploaded over popular channels of YouTube had word Fortnite in their video titles.

As for some other popular and most viewed video titles, they were words like FIFA, PUBG and Roblox. As for the videos with words such as Funny and Moments in them, were also able to perform really well.

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The study also concluded the result that the videos that were intended for a viewership of children under the age of 13 also garnered a lot of views as compared to average video uploads over YouTube.

Funny Youtube Videos

In addition to keywords such as ‘Pranks’ in their titles, the videos with following keywords also increased the view count of a video.

  • ASMR
  • Challenge
  • Superhero
  • Box

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As for the “Beauty videos”, those with words like ‘makeup’ in their titles garnered more viewership as compared to other videos in the same category. The views were also increased when the title had words like ‘DIY’ or the word ‘easy’ in the how to videos.

Rainbow Colors Song

As for the children videos in the same category, those with words like ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Slime’ had also more views.

As for the “clickbait for attention grabbing”, uploaders sued keywords like ‘Insane’, ‘ultimate’ and ‘worst’ in their videos.

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For the “news related videos”, those with words like ‘Trump’ or the ‘President’ outperformed the current event and the political videos.

Pew Research Center

For this study, the Pew Research Center accumulated nearly 43770 popular YouTube channels with almost 250000 subscribers form these channels to complete their 2018 study. The videos used from these channels for the sake of study were nearly quarter of a million with the average length of a video being almost 12 minutes.

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