Fresh Finds Proving Space Is Stunning and Strange

The night sky might appear static but the universe beyond the lint of our eyes is stunning and filled with various mysteries. With help of cutting edge scientific equipment and ever growing human knowledge more and more mysteries are being revealed and unraveled. Some of the fresh finds that prove that space is stunning as well as strange are as follows.

A Planet Cradle

An observatory in Chile this year happened to gaze upon some newly formed nearby stars and dusty disks. These dusty disks had elements like dust gas and planetesmials; ingredients necessary for birth of future stars. These disks and stars are nearly 1 million years old but it is still considered very young in reference to space. This discovery of cradle of stars can actually help researchers to look back in time for the process which birthed our solar system four billion years back in past.

Planet Cradle

A Missing Planet’s Diamonds

A meteor rain in 2008 in Sudan had stones with fragments revealing to possess nanodiamonds infused inside the stone fragments. This was the first time a precious stone came from space with asteroids. This remained mystery until 2018 when researchers traced the stone back to an embryonic planet which ultimately died back billions of years ago perhaps from the early start of our solar system. For a planet to produce diamonds must have high pressure and this concluded for its size to be tat of either in between range of Mars to mercury.

Planet’s Diamonds

The Milky Way Map

A satellite named Gaia released by European Space Agency managed to get settled in Sun’s orbit and fulfilled its purpose of sending back a  detailed map of our galaxy; the Milky Way. Data from years 2016 to 2018 presented a color map with nearly 1.7 billion stars and 14000 objects sharing the same solar orbit as itself. The survey has only concluded that this map sent by Gaia is only the 2 percent of the Milky Way and there may be 100 billion more stars.

Milky Way

Earth-Sized Mercury

A planet was recently discovered by researchers that was more of a metal than rock and was the size o earth itself. The thing that shocked them more was that it was as dense as that of the planet mercury of our solar system.

Scientists named this planet as K2-229b and this planet like our Mercury is the first planet of its own solar system. The thing that is bizarre is that such dense planets as the size of our earths are present in the universe.

Earth-Sized Mercury

A Black Hole Farm

Black holes are the delay leftovers of dying suns which after forming eat everything in their wake and even light cannot escape from their strong gravitational force. In 2018, however researchers saw an X-Ray image of a space which revealed there to be a farm of Black holes with 10,000 of them being at the same place. All the black holes were busy eating the nearby star which revealed their presence. These black holes were located in the center of Milky Way with them orbiting around the massive black hole med as Sagittarius A. these newly discovered black holes each have density 10 times that of our sun while Sagittarius A having density of nearly four million suns.

Black Hole

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