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Funny and Clever Homeless Signs

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – being homeless isn’t easy. Not only are there the obvious problems of food, water, and shelter, but if you have spent any time living in a big city, then you know of the intense competition for your spare change. Of course, some homeless people just want to drink their life away, but hey, with the right amount of creativity, even they can manage to set themselves apart from the crowd. Allow us to introduce you to the masters of bare-bones marketing with these Funny and Clever Homeless Signs.

To the point

When a man gotta fix his spaceship

Revenge against Garden Gnomes

Was the ransom One Dollar?!

Dreads of technology

Respect the truth

Please help the guy his mom left him

That’s called extreme marketing

Marty stuck in past or future!

You need a wizard and a barber

When you gotta fight but don’t know how to

That’s some conviction

Too old of a trick man

How the hell will some spare change solve all these troubles??!!

Roadside psychiatrist

At least he is honest

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