Funny Food Combinations That Will Make You Say WTF!

Life is too short to play it safe and not take a chance. You could be missing out on something unusual and fantastic that is right before your eyes. This goes for food, too. You don’t have to be a hardcore, insect-eating carnivore, or an extreme food competition participant to be a wild in the food department. Sometimes, you just need to mix and match to create beautiful synergies between different food items. Here, we list some such amazingly weird and wonderful food combination that you probably never thought would go together!

Bacon and maple syrup

Sour curd on pizza

Peanut butter & pickle sandwich

Melted chocolate on a cheese pizza

Peanut butter and onion sandwich

Oreos dipped in orange juice

Warm hot cross bun + vanilla ice cream = one FABULOUS ice cream sandwich

Nutella and cheese grilled sandwich

Pasta sandwiches

Sushi Cake

Ramen Pizza

White rice and Okra soup…The slimy Treat

Spaghetti and beans

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