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Funny Photos Caught on Planes

Whether you’re on board a long or short flight, the experiences, sights, people you met, and food you eat are all different. No one is ever the same. And thanks to the technology which exists in this very social era, a lot of these moments are captured instantly. Funny or weird or unbelievable, we’ve got it here – check it out for yourself and try to laugh until you cry. Try!

What seat would you like ?!

The Drunkard

Finally soemthing actually cool hapeing ona palne

Napcab Club

if the crew ever runs out of duct-tape, they know where to find some.

Flying Solo

Turkey Airlines

World Class Burger

Sleeping On The Job

 Life in Plastic..

This Is Your Pilot Woofing

Flying for the very first time

TV screens on this flight paused in a very amusing place when the pilot had to make an announcement

This man spotted Hurley from Lost on his flight – a series that starts with a plane crashing

What the DUCK?!

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