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Funny Photos of Public Transports

These are the most awkward public transportation photos ever caught on film. Do you live in a big city where owning a car isn’t practical? Did you decide to take the bus to save a little cash on gas money? If so, then you are probably familiar with the fascinating folks you can meet on public transportation. Here we’ve gathered some of the strangest funny public transportation pictures to celebrate the wacky weirdos with whom we share this Earth.

Some elitists spend their days safe in fancy private cars, completely oblivious to the crazy people on public transportation. Sure, they’ve never been yelled at by a hallucinating homeless person or peed on by a drunken college student, but the joke’s on them. Because they can only know the majesty of sharing a ride with your fellow humans through these photos of people on the subway.

Through these funny public transport pictures, you’ll learn the time honored traditions of communal transport. For instance, never sit next to a rider who’s got his hand down his pants (or an actual snake in his hands). And make sure to avoid nipple-ring flaunting grandpa in the back.

Who knows, maybe shaming these crazies with awkward bus photos and funny subway pictures will help make public transportation a more enjoyable place to be. But probably not.

Badass Russian grandma

End of the rainbow is somewhere in the Bronx

Next stop, vegan village

Ride hard

Some people use subway as  underground parking.

Looking a little thin there Logan

No one will try to look for a dead man’s chest here

When you use a train instead of a starship

Somewhere in Russia

Lunch matters!

I am surprised that no one’s looking at the peacock!

Yeti gong back to his cave

Free bus ride

When transportation attacks

Totally normal man with a tail and big ears

One way to get a whole subway car to yourself

Gangsta granny

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