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Funny pranking parents scare the life out of their children

Children are the apple of our eye. Everyone loves their child to death and why shouldn’t they. They are our reason to live in the life and we do all the things just for them to have a better life.

You have all seen million of videos of kids laughing and making others laugh with their cute antics. But have you ever seen a video where the kids are screaming and running for their life or just play dead to avoid something scary?

Well today we bring to you this hilariously funny video in which the parents decided to scare these kids and let me tell you I was laughing once or twice HARD. I mean wetting myself hard.


Some kids only get scared and shout a little while the others are just scared lifeless as they lay down and accept their fate for what’s about to come (which actually never came). This one baby just falls down on the face not even making a sound. Hilarious!


See for yourself these funny pranking parents who scare the life out of their kids.

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