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Funny Right-moment photos that turned out to be epic masterpieces

In order to get an ideal shot, one need to set the correct shutter speed, ISO, and white balance your camera. But sometimes it’s a perfectly timed moment, and not the experience and talent of the photographer, which can turn a photo into a masterpiece.

We have collected a few shots that could only be captured at the right moment with not even a second to spare.

So scroll down to look at these funny Right-moment photos that turned out to be epic masterpieces.

This girl met Ed Sheeran and a gust of wind made her pic with him even 10 times more exciting

Ed Sheeran

The man in the bright blue shirt; first though what nice then that happened

blue shirt

Seems like there is a glitch in the Matrix


Howling dog in the background and the kid’s t-shirt match perfectly


This dog had a birthday party and invited all his friends

birthday party

You know what’s the best job in the world? ‘Petting Dolphins’


This kid who decided to help his father water the flowers


Memorable Wedding picture; right before falling into the watery creek

Wedding picture

It seems this chicken doesn’t like its neighbors


The best catcher in squirrel baseball


That moment you realize he was never acting


Seems to me the happy ending of the movie Ice Age

Ice Age

Might seem like it is falling awkwardly but this is the moment just before he takes off

takes off

Relax its just the ice shadow

ice shadow

Starting of the destruction


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