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Funny Teachers Who Have a Twisted Sense of Humor

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world; they shape our tomorrow which makes them gentle and strict. However, here are some creative and hilarious teachers who really know how to deal with their students. A teacher with a good sense of humor isn’t just a bonus: It’s essential in keeping their sanity throughout the day.

Math Teacher Responds To one of his student who drew a doodle on his test

This Teacher Knows

The Bermuda Triangle Award

The teacher who wanted his students to stop looking at the clock

He Asked The Teacher For A Pen

Teacher Describes the Scientific Process

How to make sure your students pay attention.

Chemistry teacher is a big fan of Lady Gaga

This Teacher Knows How to keep the class interested in Chemistry Class

This nerdy as hell teacher who made a formula to say Merry Christmas

This teacher knows the right way to bribe their students

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