Gamer or selfie-taker; Two new HONOR smartphones made for Millennials

Sit back and think about different ways your smartphones help you out in your day to day life. Smartphones help you from helping you to wake up in the morning to keep you in the loop about the latest news, to providing endless entertainment through both games and digital content on the go. The smartphones of today not only help you navigate through your daily life but also help you to preserve the memories that are precious to you in both picture and document form. Of course, this also includes taking hundreds and thousands of selfies a year.

HONOR; Two New Smartphones for Millennials:-


The HONOR brand has launched in its myriad of smartphones two new following names.

  • HONOR 10 Lite
  • HONOR Play

Both of these smartphones with all of the state of the art HONOR features come at an affordable price. HONOR 10 Lite

Since the HONOR brand debuted, it has become a company that presents stunning screens, competitive specs, and high resolution and zooming cameras that have built-in impressive customizable features. Especially du to HONOR’s camera features, the smartphones have become an attractive option for not only casual photographers but also for professional content creators and gamers as well.

Features’ of HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR Play:-

Today we will dive into the detailed explanation of the HONOR 10 LOITE and HONOR Play’s feature and also explain as to how they perfectly fit into the daily routine of millennial.

Instant, smart, studio-grade selfies


Now with these smartphones, forget about doing acrobatics to make sure the camera both front and center; catch your good side.

The HONOR 10 Lite’s new selfie and portrait features ensure that users look stunning from whatever angle the photo is captured.

The front camera of HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with 24 MP camera that has following amazing features as well.

  • Four in one light fusion
  • Exposure compensation

10 Lite

The camera also features 8 separate selfie scenarios as well to allow the user to adjust the background as they shoot. The user can also play around with butterfly and soft lighting to increase the visibility of images to help create user’s ordinary home photos into studio grade headshots.


The AI assisted feature of HONOR 10 Lite allows the camera to be adjusted for real-time. This impressive AI algorithm optimizes for subject’s factors like age and skin tone. This means that instead of fiddling with the third-party app for several hours, you are getting an automatic photo editing on your hands.

A gamer’s secret weapon

secret weapon

Now coming to HONOR Play, It is not just a great looking accessory but in fact, is also a state of the art gaming machine. For the times, when you get bored, you can depend on HONOR Play.


The phone is equipped to enhance every element of the game as well is supported by a battery life that can bear the heavy usage of up to 1.5 days.


HONOR Play comes with a proprietary GPU Turbo System that allows the gamers to have uninterrupted gameplay for the times when you cannot simply have technical interruptions. With now 60% more increased performance and 30% less battery consumption along with stable and improved graphics processing; users are certainly going to have a great gaming experience.

That’s not all, as the HONOR Play also has the “4D Smart Shock” and “3D Sound Effects” that offers the user a terrific gaming experience which is able to fit the palm of your hand. The 4D Smart Shock feature allows the HONOR Play to recognize every minor gaming scenario and reply back with slight vibrations; similar to a gaming console. As for the phone’s 3D sound effects, they make the gaming come to life.

A fashion accessory that fits your personal brand

A smartphone is not only a part of one’s lifestyle but is, in fact, is a reflection of their look. When it comes to looks, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR Play are not coming slow when compared to other smartphone brands.

HONOR 10 Lite:-

HONOR 10 Lite

The HONOR 10 Lite comes with a new dewdrop notch display that has 90 percent screen to body ratio allowing the user to have increased viewing experience as well as a comfortable grip.


The HONOR 10 Lite comes in an eye-catching hardware design; a Sky Blue color gradient shell. The software of the phone is state of the art that offers users with an unparallel using experience. It allows the call quality to be automatically optimized in even loud environments where one often needs to seek a 4G connection. For example, as in an elevator.

HONOR Play:-


The HONOR Play s also equally stunning to HONOR 10 Lite as it presents the following features.

  • 3 inch Full View Display; providing remarkable clarity for everyday use including high-intensity gaming.
  • Comes in three attractive colors; Midnight Black, Navy Blue, and UltraViolet.
  • A “Player Edition” designed for gamers that come in Back and Red colors.


For those who are looking into the market for a new smartphone to be their day to day aid in life, then you must consider HONOR 10 Lite and the HONOR Play as two strong options.

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