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Genius Tattoo artist makes amazing tattoos that transform with leg or arm extension

The most infamous optical illusion ‘Rabbit-Duck’ dates back to 1892, but modern day artists have found their own unique ways to trick your eyeballs – two in one tattoos. Through strategic placement, each image comes to life and transforms with the client’s body movement.

Tattooist Vek Van Hillik is one of these illusionists and uses the folds of people’s limbs to hide parts of the design. This allows for the design to appear as one subject when the limb is bent and then transform into a different image when the arm or leg is outstretched. Freehand designing is essential to these hidden images so the artist can change things as they go for a more accurate illusion.

Scroll down below to see some mind-bending designs!

Beetle tattoo placed in this woman’s elbow

Beetle tattoo

elbow tattoo

One of the artists known for these designs is French tattooer Vek Van Hillik

French tattooer

He creates the tattoos by strategically placing them in the folds of his client’s limbs


During the design phase, he draws freehand to give provide flexibility and accuracy


Van Hillik chooses symmetrical subjects for optimal shape-shifting

Van Hillik

His insect tattoos are created not to shape-shift but to take flight

insect tattoos

insect tattoo

Some of his other mind-bending tattoo designs are as follows.



big tattoo


face tattoo

eye tattoo


fish tattoo

stairs tattoo


eyes tattoo

gaint tattoo


big fish tattoo

windows tattoo


sea shell tattoo



serious face tattoo

two eyes tattoo


house tattoo

skull tattoo

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