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Gerhard Haderer; an Austrian Artist Creates Sharp Caricatures That Are Honest and Bold

Gerhard Haderer is an Australian artist who is best known for his bold and honest illustrations. Gerhard Haderer has been pushing illustrations for the famed Australian comic book titled “MOFF which is published by the Scherz & Schund Fabrik. These publications shout out about the problem and sins of modern society and the world.

Today we have gathered a bunch of incisive illustrations of Haderer which you will instantly recognize in the modern world.


Gerhard Haderer 1


Gerhard Haderer 2


Gerhard Haderer 3


Gerhard Haderer 4


Gerhard Haderer 5


Gerhard Haderer 6


Gerhard Haderer 7


Gerhard Haderer 8


Gerhard Haderer 9


Gerhard Haderer 10


Gerhard Haderer 11


Gerhard Haderer 12

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