German government receives $887,000 bill from Microsoft due to extended Windows 7 security updates

The one affected most from the closure of Windows 7 is currently the Government of Germany which received a bill for about 887000 dollars after they failed to upgrade their PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 even after the support for Windows 7 was cut off last week. Handelsblatt, the German newspaper states that the German Federal ministry is currently looking to secure about 33000 of their machines that are still running on Windows 7 and this involves them paying a fee for each of the devices to Microsoft for having the 1-year extended security updates for their PCs.

The support for Windows 7 was ended by Microsoft last week despite the fact that millions of PCs around the world are still running on that operating system. Although Microsoft won’t be issuing any further security updates as well as fixes for the Windows 7 publically, all the businesses that have not still migrated their workings onto Windows 10 can still get these ESU (Extended Security Updates) from Microsoft for a fee. It is going to be a costly thing to do, especially considering the cost that the German Government incurred for these ESUs.

Fee charges per PC for Windows 7 ESUs:-

Windows 7 Enterprise ESU that are used by many major businesses is going to be approximately 25 dollars per machine and these costs will be doubled to 50 dollars for the year 2021 and then doubled again to 100 dollars for the year 2022.

For the users of Windows 7 Pro, mostly used by the small firms, things are going to be much more difficult as their ESU will start at a yearly fee of 50 dollars per machine which will then rise to 100 dollars for the year 2021 and 200 dollars for the year 2022.

All of these aforementioned prices will also vary upon the volume of the PCs that are used by each business enterprise as some larger businesses can get the negotiable discounts for their thousands of PCs.

As per reports, the German Government is currently in migration of their workings to Windows 10 but they could not upgrade every machine of theirs just in time. as per news reports, there are a total of 85000 Government PCs operating in Berlin of which 20000 are still operating on Windows 7.

As for Microsoft, they have started the use of the full-screen notifications which alerts the users of the OS that the support for Windows 7 will not be issued in the future anymore.

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