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Ghastly troubles that make every girl weep once in life

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, all space disasters such as meteor showers and magnetic storms occur mostly on Venus. Otherwise, how could we explain the fact that girls always face funny challenges and get into the most awkward situations?

We know that sometimes our reality is too challenging and wants to show some female solidarity with the women featured in this article.

So this is for all the ladies out there. We know that nearly every one of you has faced the scenarios in our list of ghastly troubles that make every girl weep once in a life. If you have not faced any of them until now, be on a lookout because they might happen sooner than later.

When this happens, only girls will understand


When after only 30 seconds of putting on your tights and this happens


A problem all girls with long hair probably can relate to

long hair

Catch me with this cute curling iron burn on my face for the next week

iron burn

With and without makeup, but still cute

without makeup

When you got this mask thinking it’d be relaxing and nice. But it’s not relaxing at all! It has no mouth hole! You can’t talk or breathe! This makes you look like a movie villain


When you have been doing your own eyebrows for 5 years, but then just wax off a part of one


Karl Marx, glamorous edition


The fastest way to lose weight

lose weight

When you thought that the effect would be…different


Putting your jacket in the tumble dryer when your lipstick is in the pocket


High heels are for strong souls

High heels

Rule #1 of selfie: Always keep all mirrors in mind!


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