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Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth

For our readers today we have selected one of the famous members of the dangerous reality TV show, Life Below Zero, Glenn Villeneuve. Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Trisha Kazan wife of Glenn Villeneuve
Trisha Kazan wife of Glenn Villeneuve


Real Name:- 

Glenn Villeneuve

Nick Name:-



Reality TV star



Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

Glenn Villeneuve is a famous reality TV star of a show called Life Below Zero for the National Geographic Channel. He is among the six other cast member who are living their secluded life in the harsh cold climates of Alaska.  Glenn Villeneuve is a tall and handsome 48 years old male who maintains an athletic body that keeps him sharp enough to deal with daily troubles in the Frozen Tundra of Alaska. He is an American National with white ethnicity.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

Glenn Villeneuve is a nature loving man who loves to work as a sustenance hunter in secluded places where some seldom thinks to visits. He was initially living in Vermont but always wanted to move to Brooks Range, Alaska. However he did not had any money to go with the plan so he firstly settled in Fairbanks and after gaining his financial stability he moved to Brooks Range, Alaska and is maintaining his residence there since 2004. His professional and career history both as a hunter and a reality star are explained in brief detail down below.

  • Glenn Villeneuve is the literal example of a person “living on Thin Ice”. His profession is that of a hunter who has to share his prey with wolves in icy plains of Alaska. According to him he one was entrapped by 20 wolves but by keeping his composure he made it out of that deadly situation alive.
  • His hunting ground is in 65 miles of Alaskan Ice Circle at Brooks Range. His expertise and nomadic lifestyle got the attraction of National Geographic and they casted him in their hit documentary show, Life Below Zero.
  • To be able to cope in Alaska’s harsh climates you have to be skilled person of many arts. He is both an excellent hunter and a fisherman. His hunts are mainly comprised of Moose, Caribou, Sheep and other small animals. He often fishes in the lakes and creeks of Brooks Range to keep good food sustenance.
  • Besides being hunter and a fisherman, he also learned the wood cutting craft. He is skilled enough to locate bushes and trees that are easy to burn in the winter to provide for both warmth and food cooking.
  • He lives in a one room wooden Cabin in Brooks Range with his wife but now they are divorced as of 2016.
  • He loves to explore the wilderness even though he has to work harder than any other man living in his modern age.

Date of Birth:-

August 18th, 1969

Birth Place:-

Burlington, Vermont

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the amazing facts about Glenn Villeneuve are as follows.

  • He knows multiple crafts like hunting, fishing, tracking and woodcutting essential to live in harsh Alaskan environment.
  • He spent most of his childhood in woods instead of going to school.
  • Despite being a nomad he has a lot of money which he is continuously investing in real estate and stock market.
  • He once went on to live without seeing a face of human for 4 and half months.
  • His favorite food in world is Caribou the one which he has hunted himself.
  • His cabin at Brooks Range is located 60 miles from the nearest road.

Net worth:-

Glenn Villeneuve might seem like a simple man who knows nothing about money and how to handle it. However the reality is opposite to it. Glenn Villeneuve earns about a six figure salary from him being the cast member of Life below Zero.  Other than that he has also a knack to invest his money in Real Estate.  He has been doing this for many years. Other than that he also has hands dipped in the Stock Market. Although he has not released any official figure for his net worth but it is estimated to be in between figure of 500,000 to 1 million dollars. With him being the cast member for the ninth season of Life Below Zero he is still going to earn more money in the coming future.


Glenn Villeneuve living is the nature loving nomad in the icy freezing lands of Brooks Range, Alaska. He was formerly living there with his wife and 3 children in a one room wooden cabin. However she is now living alone in that cabin as of his divorce in 2016.

Family Tree:-

There is not much information about Glenn Villeneuve’s family background except the pieces like he is White by ethnicity and was born to American parents in Burlington, Vermont. His life was spent mostly in woods learning the craft to survive in them rather than going to school. That is why he has no proper education whatsoever.

Father Name:-

Not available

Mother Name:-

Not available


Not available


Glenn has four children as a result of his two marriages. From his first wife he has following children.

  • Willow Leaves (eldest daughter)
  • Wolf Song (son)
  • Amelia Atkins (daughter)

From his second wife he has one daughter named Agatha.


Glenn Villeneuve has been married two times in his life. The name of his first wife is not known except she left him when Glenn Villeneuve wanted to live and raise their children in Brooks Range in a one room cabin as nomads. They got divorced in 2016 and Glenn Villeneuve holds the custody of children.

In 2017, Glenn Villeneuve met a woman named Trisha and they got married soon afterwards.  She is currently living with him in Brooks Range along with their four children.

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