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Goblin Slayer Season 2

After 12 episodes that were received well by fans, Goblin slayer season 2 is no most likely, returning after almost two years. Albeit no official declaration has been made, almost certainly, we’ll get the word ahead of schedule one year from now. However, the show’s manga has around 12 volumes until this point, so it is self-evident that the anime is getting up to speed.

gobion slyar 2


The show depends on a light novel by Kumo Kagyu and is likewise accessible as Mangas, anime TV series, and film. Takaharu Ozaki coordinated the arrangement. Hideyuki Kurata and Yosuke Kuroda wrote the collection. The show succeeded in gathering a considerable fanbase after its first season. It originally came out on October 7, 2018.

Further, the series finished on December 30, 2018. The show additionally observed a film come out recently in February. However, the film was not an outstanding achievement and didn’t get tremendous fame. The first language of the series is Japanese, yet the show has been named English. The show has an energizing and unique plot and is undoubtedly something fans need to see in 2021.

Plot Summary

Goblin Slayer rotates around a magical world where adventurers make money by finishing dangerous tasks and assignments. The jobs they do are frequently tricky and don’t generally work out positively.

gobion slyar 2


Among these globe-adventurers, a youthful priestess takes up a job that goes appallingly south. Her gathering gets assaulted by goblins, and everybody aside from her gets slaughtered. Fortunately for her, an accomplished explorer who committed himself to execute goblins comes in and spares her. The man considers himself the troll slayer.

Be that as it may, the following season is required to proceed on similar lines as the manga and uncover numerous surprises on the way. We will likewise be demonstrated the much-anticipated characters like the dull mythical person and the goblin king. We can additionally follow the experiences of the Goblin Slayer while he proceeds to finish the goblins.


There is no official announcement on the cast, but we don’t anticipate a lot of changes. The primary season had an astonishing voice-cast and is expected to return for another season.

The lead voice-cast comprises of:

Shizuka Ishigami as Butouka

Yuuichi Nakamura as Dwarf

Nobuo Tobita as Burglar

YuuichirouUmehara as the Goblin Slayer

Yui Ogura as OnnaShinkan

Daichi Hayashi as Bokujoushu


How Might We Figure Out If There Will Be Goblin Slayer Season 2?


There are a few different ways to check if there will be a sequel for this anime; however, I found the most reliable strategy after analyzing many anime series.

The strategy is to gather the most recent data about the source material, deals, and notoriety.

I utilized this accurate technique to look at the odds of a sequel for Goblin Slayer, so if you need to know whether there will be a continuation of this anime, you’ll love this point by point article.

Presently let me give you the data I found in 3 sections and let you know whether you should anticipate that Goblin Slayer Season 2 should be reported in 2020.

We should begin with a top to bottom glance at the source material.

Source Material Info:

The source material utilized for the Goblin Slayer anime is the light novel even though the manga variation improves deals and prominence.


We have to check if this part of the story is as yet going on or near closure. Continuous series consistently have a superior possibility of a new sequel. That is the reason, for instance, I think there are some opportunities for The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 regardless of whether the anime didn’t sell that well.

From that point onward, we have to sort out the number of light novels utilized, delivering the film and the main period of Goblin Slayer. On the off chance that the anime catches up to the source material, season 2 of Goblin Slayer could have a similar issue as No Game No Life Season 2 had.

There are right now 13 light novel volumes of Goblin Slayer published in Japan. Goblin Slayer additionally has a manga arrangement that has teenager books distributed. There is likewise a prequel manga accessible for this series.

The Goblin Slayer light books are as yet progressing. The most recent volume by the creator Kumo Kagyu got delivered in Japan on October 14, 2020.

The Goblin Slayer anime that broadcasted in 2018 adjusted volumes 1-2 and parts of book 4. The new Goblin’s Crown’s film for Goblin Slayer utilized the entire light novel volume 5, so around nine volumes are left to be used for a continuation.

Social Media

The official site for Goblin Slayer was last refreshed in September with news about the film Goblin Slayer – GOBLIN’S CROWN being available for streaming. The official Twitter represents this franchise with 45,000 followers tweeted last time a couple of days back about Goblin Slayer Volume 10.

Google Trends

Goblin Slayer crested with the first scene on October 7. I believe because the initial scene was questionable. From that point onward, the prominence in Google dropped by 40%; however, it held around Konosuba or Overlord’s popularity. Presently it just dropped as it was before anime.

Light Novels and Manga

Regarding light books and manga, the arrangement right now has 7M copies. That is anything but an awful number if we think of it as’ just from around 20-25 books.


There doesn’t appear to be any new merchandise accessible for this series as of now to pre-order. The exact opposite thing was the film BD that got released in July.


So, it is evident from the stats that a new season is on its way. There are still many volumes of the novel remaining.

Although the play isn’t as famous as any other anime out there, the production makes a significant claim to be up there with them. With the next season’s return, the show could cement its place as a must-watch anime!



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