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Good People Who Were Punished For Helping Others

No good deed goes unpunished. The world has its share of heroic people who will risk their own lives to keep other people safe, but they don’t always get parades and trophies for their good deeds. The way these good people were treated will make your blood boil.

Oliver Sipple Saved The President, So The Media Outed Him As Gay

Oliver Sipple

Oliver Sipple wasn’t a Secret Service agent or a bodyguard—he was just a bystander in a crowd. He’d come out to see Gerald Ford, never expecting for a moment that he’d end up saving the president’s life. He grabbed the assassin’s arm, knocked the gun out of her hands, and saved Ford’s life. The media went into frenzy. They reported everything that they could find about him. Pretty soon, though, the papers were running out of new angles on the story. So when word got out that Sipple had been spotted in gay bars, they outed him on the front page.

A Lifeguard Was Fired For Saving A Drowning Man


Tomas Lopez was on duty at Hallandale Beach, Florida, when someone rushed over to his post. A man had swum out too far, Lopez was told, and the victim was drowning. As any lifeguard would, Lopez rushed over and got the man to shore with the help of some other beachgoers. There, they gave the man CPR, called the paramedics, and saved his life.

When Lopez handed in the incident report, he was fired instead of being heralded as a hero. The drowning man, his company informed him, was “out of the protected area” and a clearly visible sign said that anyone who swam there did so at his own risk. According to company policy, anyone drowning outside the designated area was to be left to die.

Veronica Cherwinski Was Arrested For Saving Her Friend From An Overdose

Veronica Cherwinski

Veronica Cherwinski had already lost one friend to heroin, and she was about to lose another. Her neighbor was lying on her couch, passed out from an overdose. So she called 911 and waited with the woman until rescue workers arrived. Cherwinski’s call saved her friend’s life. But instead of thanking her, the officer who responded decided to bust her for drugs, too. He searched her home for heroin, arrested her on possession, and threw her in jail.

A 90-Year-Old Man Was Given Jail Time For Feeding The Homeless


For feeding the homeless near a park, they told the 90-year-old man as they slapped handcuffs on him, he was going to be hit with a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. Fort Lauderdale had just introduced a new ordinance that made it illegal to share food with the homeless within 152 meters (500 ft) of a residential area, and Abbott liked to set up his booth near the local park.

Target Sued Three Men For Saving A Young Girl’s Life

Target Sued

Target Sued

Michael Turner saved a 16-year-old girl from being stabbed to death, and Target wants him to apologize for it. Michael Turner, 50, was at the big box chain’s location in East Liberty when he confronted attacker Leon Walls, 44, and wrestled him away from his victim Allison Meadows. Walls had rushed into the Target and was pursued by a group of men including Turner before he grabbed the teenage girl as a hostage and stabbed her twice before the dramatic intervention.

A Couple Was Arrested For Finding Meth In A Rental Home

Rental Home

Michael and Channel Keeley were arrested for doing the right thing. They had just learned that the tenants who were renting their home had been busted for meth possession. They found that their ruined house had eight bags of meth hidden inside the walls. The Keeleys immediately reported this to the police. The officer then arrested the couple for “tampering with evidence”. They threw the couple in jail and threatened to send their nine-year-old son to child services. Couple spent two days in prison, had to pay $5,000 each to post bail, and saw their son become traumatized by an officer of the law before that happened

A Man Sued Maryland General Hospital for Saving His Mother’s Life

Maryland General Hospital

At 83, Beatrice Weisman was recovering from a serious stroke in Maryland General Hospital when she suffered a heart attack. The medical staff jumped into action. Without wasting a second, they used CPR and a defibrillator to get her heart back to normal and save her life. The hospital didn’t realize that Weisman’s husband had signed legal papers saying that his wife should be allowed to die if her heart failed. The document was at the top of her chart.

Eventually, Beatrice’s son sued the hospital for $250,000 plus an additional $180,000 for each year that his mother continues to live. The lawsuit alleges negligence, assault, and the “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Ryan Snodgrass Was Arrested For Saving A 13-Year-Old Girl’s Life

Ryan Snodgrass

Ryan Snodgrass was working as a rafting guide in Clear Creek, Colorado, when he spotted a 13-year-old girl struggling to keep her head above the water. Snodgrass jumped in the water, grabbed hold of her, and saved her life. Then he let Sheriff Don Krueger know that he could call off the rescue team. Instead of thanking him, though, Sheriff Krueger slapped handcuffs on Snodgrass. Krueger declared, Snodgrass was “obstructing government operations.”

A Woman Sued Her Doctor For Diagnosing Her With HIV

Woman Sued Her Doctor

In New York City, Dr. Pavel Yutsis was running tests on a patient who thought she might have a vitamin B12 deficiency when he found that there were signs that she might have HIV, he told her he wanted to run tests to find out for sure. The woman refused. She was healthier than ever, she insisted, because she’d rapidly been losing weight for reasons she couldn’t fully understand. Dr. Yutsis was worried enough about her health that he ran the test anyway. When she came in for another checkup, he broke the news that she was HIV-positive. But instead of thanking him, she sued him for running the tests without permission.

Peng Yu Was Sued For Helping An Old Woman

Peng Yu

Peng Yu saw Xu Shoulan fall as she was getting off a bus. He rushed over to help her, took her to the hospital, and handed her the money he had in his pocket to help pay her bills. But instead of thanking him, Xu Shoulan sued him, claiming he’d pushed her. Afterward, people across China were too terrified to help anyone who got hurt because there was a legal precedent that let injured people sue the people who helped them.

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