Google agrees paying $500 to the owners of faulty Google Pixel smartphones

Google, who was earlier involved in a class action lawsuit filed by the owners of its Google Pixel smartphones which were subjected to be defective when the company knowingly sold them, has come to an agreement.

While the court’s order is still pending, Google is most likely to pay a sum of $500 to each owner from a collective sum of $7.25 million dollars. The devices which are covered in this lawsuit settlement are the devices of Pixel and Pixel XL which were manufactured before January 4th, 2017.

Google first admittance to the faulty device were back in March of 2017 when they said that less than 1 percent of the Pixel smartphones had in them a “Hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec”. This fault resulted in an issue for the users to make calls and with the smartphone’s Voice Assistant functionality.

Google admitted that it would take steps to reinforce the connection in the device but less than a year later of their announcement, they were hit by a collective a lawsuit from owners of such phones. These owners in their claim said that they were furious that the company sold them these phones despite knowing the fault.

Other Google Lawsuits:-

This is not the Google first rodeo of the collective lawsuits. Back in April, Google also settled a lawsuit for their Nexus 6P product which was subjected to being trapped in bootlooping issue due to a bug in the software. Google in its settlement for this particular case, along with its partner at the time Huawei agreed to pay a sum of $9.75 million dollars as the settlement money.

The final decision for this case is due for the last hearing on coming October 10th.

As the final decision from the court is still pending related to Pixel devices, there is still no claim form available by Google. The final decision date is set to take place on coming 5th June.

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