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Google celebrated the Fourth of July with its Google Doodle to let users play baseball with their favorite foods

For the 4th of July, Google wanted its users to play with their food.

The new Google Doodle from Google lets users play the classic American sport, Baseball with a wide range of characters that is based on their many favorite foods. These food doodles include a hot dog named H-dog, a popcorn named Power Pop and a Corn of the cob named Cobbra.

Users can play this Google Doodle game on their mobile or their desktop browser. After seeing a brief intro, users will be able to start swinging their bat with their random food character.

The screen will provide the user with instructions which they can then follow to play ball against their opponent, a team of peanuts and all the while try not to get hungry.

Above is a preview of all the fun it looks to play the game on mobile.

Additional fun for our readers, below we present the early sketches by Google team for the initial characters.

Well if you are planning to spend the holidays with your mobile phone you might as well strike some homers.

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