Google Inbox App Soon Dies And Users Are Not happy At All

Any user of Google Inbox App who logged in on Tuesday this week would have been greeted by the message “Download The Regular Gmail”. The message also warned the users that the Google Inbox will not available for further use by April 2nd.

This move by Google was first announced back in September last year but as it turns out, Google seemed insistent on reporting it and in a grim manner that the Inbox will die for anyone who is still using it.

The difference of Inbox App over regular Gmail App:

Although the two apps; the regular Gmail app and the Inbox both function in a similar manner, the audience they serve is entirely different.

The Inbox app is designed to serve the users who need some productive app as it allows them to have the following two main features.

  • Clean up the messy inbox
  • Less time on drafting a response

This app is also the one that allowed users to give auto Gmail replies like “Thanks!”. Instead of typing the word, the user can simply send it by clicking a button.

These features are not the only ones that made Inbox app the most favored app among Gmail users. Another exciting feature that made Inbox app popular was that it allowed users to bundle the similar messages which are yet to be achieved in the Gmail.

The Inbox app was launched by Google back in 2014 and it was done on an invite basis. However, later the app was made common for public download. The app can still be downloaded from the app store and can also be used. However, we strongly recommend to not using it, as it is going to be killed after a mere 2 weeks.

Petition to stop the Death of Inbox app:

As expected, the news about the Inbox app’s death has made many users very unhappy. Even an online petition has been started by the users in order to stop Google from closing the app which was started only 1 year ago.

The petition since its launch on Tuesday morning has now been signed by over 500 people and it is rising. The current petition goal is about 10000 signatures.

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