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Google pays its tribute to creator of Phenakistiscope with a Google Doodle, Joseph Plateau who made the way for cinema

The logo of Google today is changed with a certain animation which is actually representing the entire world of animation. This Google Doodle is the interpretation of a spinning disk called phenakistiscope which was invented by Joseph Plateau back in 1833. This invention of Joseph is considered to be the one that made way for the modern cinema to what it is today. 

This Google Doodle is celebrating the birthday of Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau, who was a Belgian physicist and creator of this ingenious device.

Still, Google failed to mention in their own description that Joseph was not the only one who made the invention of phenakistiscope. This is one of the famed cases of scientific history for the simultaneous inventions. Along with with Joseph another renowned professor from Austria named Simon Stampfer also studied the same optical illusion and had also studied the same descriptions of the illusion that had been presented by Peter Mark Rogert and the same mechanical example of the illusion which had been published by the renowned British scientist named Michael Faraday.

Google also failed to preset some of the early illusions from the Victorian era. These illusions are very astounding to see as the following ones.

Google also stated that they are doing something really special to celebrate the achievements of Plateau. According to Google, they have launched their very first Google Doodle, which is different for the desktop, mobile and the various other search apps from the company. To ease the task of looking at each one of these Google Doodles individually over the intended sources, we have placed them for our readers’ right down below.

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